One Wedding Venue with 15 Incredible Photo Locations!

Let’s take a Summergrove Estate photo tour together! Would you believe us if we told you we have over 15 different photo locations for your photographers and videographers to work their magic? Across our marvellous 73-acre property, we guarantee we tick all the boxes in capturing the moments you’ve been dreaming about.

  1. The Fig Tree

Oh, how we love our iconic fig tree! The perfect amount of shade, golden sunlight, natural greenery, and luscious flora. This is a beautiful Summergrove Estate element you won’t want to skip and is perfect for the whole bridal party.

Photography by Figtree Pictures

  1. The Chapel 

Whether you choose to celebrate your ceremony in the chapel or not, it certainly makes for a STUNNING photo backdrop. When you walk into the modern non-denominal chapel you will be greeted by a double door entry, followed by a luxe chandelier. The main attraction within the chapel is the unique floor-to-ceiling picture window, which features dreamy coastline and city skyrise views all the way from Stradbroke Island to Northern New South Wales.

Photography by Figtree Pictures

  1. Our flourishing hedges

Your photos will be sure to stand out against our luscious hedge wall. Designed to create the perfect backdrop for your bridal party and family portrait photos post-ceremony. The hedge line receives a refreshing amount of shade and highlights all the gorgeous details of your dresses and florals!  

gold coast wedding venue

Photography by Figtree Pictures

  1. The Archway 

Step away from the white walls and wooden features and share a moment in the garden archway, naturally shaped over time by gorgeous Australian greenery.

best wedding photographer gold coast

Photography by Allure Aisle

  1. Our Vineyards 

Embrace the European charm of the vineyards, our vineyard creates quite a romantic scene and is perfect for all those close-up, intimate moments. A few fun photo ideas can include vale shots and champagne pops.

chapel wedding venue australia

Photography by Florin Lane

  1. The Olive Grove 

Adding to the European feel of the Summergrove Estate are our native olive groves, conveniently located by the villas. The olive trees with the Tweed hinterland backdrop creates a perfect photo opportunity for some pre-ceremony shots with the groomsmen all suited up and ready to get tie the knot!


  1. The Fig Tree Driveway 

Nothing beats a champagne spray on the Summergrove Estate fig tree and driveway. Lead your bridal party down the pathway for those candid, conversational group wedding portraits. This backdrop can also take on a more rustic look, with the classic wooden fence line and overhung fig tree branches.


  1. The Citrus Orchard

Add a little sweetness to your day and take a stroll through the citrus orchard! Another one of our unique backdrops and European-like settings, the citrus grove can make you both feel as though you’ve been whisked away to a whole new location!

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Photography by Allure Aisle

  1. The Garden View

You’ll be hinterland daydreaming at our garden ceremony location! Set the scene to say “I do” with the stunning Tweed Valley orchards and golden coastline behind you. Choosing the chapel instead? Come up to the garden for sunset and watch the valley transform into a canvas of unbeatable colours and landscape.

Photography by Figtree Pictures

  1. Golden Hour Long Grass 

Even if the farm vibe isn’t what you’re looking for, our long grass is the perfect golden hour moment to capture the true beauty of the Australian countryside and all its natural elements.

Photography by Figtree Pictures

  1. The Barn Festoons 

This is the ideal location for sparkler first dances, first looks, surprise fireworks, room reveals and so much more! With the pristine white barn door and alluring hanging festoon lighting, it’s also the perfect backdrop for an intimate, romantic moment at dusk.


  1. The Top Hill

A large clearing where all the attention is only on you. Dance, walk, laugh, kiss and hold each other, as all of the natural elements set the scene behind you. Set alongside the vineyard, this photo location is incredible at sunset.

white barn wedding venue australia sydney tweed gold coast

Photography by Ivy Road

  1. Reception Sneak Peak

Don’t forget to give yourself a moment to fully appreciate every thought-out detail of your reception within the barn. Slip in through the back barn doors and take a sneak peek at all the finishing touches before your guests see the room revealed!

tweed gold coast barn wedding venue

Photography by Figtree Pictures

  1. Sunset Fence Line 

Keeping on trend with the rustic scenes, take a short walk from the barn over to the sunset fence line and bask in the afternoon golden hour that peaks through the hillside of Carool at sunset. This location is a great opportunity to take a walk on the driveway and give your photographer and videographer a full 360 view of the Tweed hinterland, the ocean, the Summergrove Estate barn and chapel!

  1. Mount Warning

Last but most certainly not least, on a clear day, nestled behind villa 3 you will find an incredible view of Mount Warning. Mount Warning, a mountain in the Tweed Range in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia, was formed from a volcanic plug of the now-gone Tweed Volcano.