To ensure you have a wonderful wedding celebration without any noise issues, we require that you and your subcontractors comply with the following music restrictions:

• Music levels must not exceed 82 decibels inside / 80 decibels outside
• Music played outdoors including on the barn verandah and within the garden ceremony space must be acoustic only
• No percussion, live drums, saxophones or brass instruments
• Please refer to your booking forms and schedule for music finish time
• All musicians and DJs must contact Summergrove Estate prior to being booked for approval to perform
• Vendors must set up in the immediate grounds of your booked ceremony and/or reception location only

Noise levels will be monitored by the Summergrove Estate team throughout your event to ensure that the above levels are adhered to. Summergrove Estate reserves the right to adjust the volume to the required decibel limit. Failure to comply with the above terms and levels will result in all music being turned off / musicians required to cease performing. Summergrove Estate reserves the right to terminate with immediate eviction from the property and forfeit all monies paid in the case of noise complaints.