We ask that you please adhere to these guidelines for all floral/foliage installations, styling and your ceremony. A copy of this document is to be provided to your florist and/or stylist.

Bump In & Bump Out

  • Bump in is permitted from 9:00 am (NSW time) on the morning of the wedding. All installations and styling pieces must be removed by midnight on the wedding evening;
  • If your florist cannot remove your installation/s or if Summergrove staff are required to bump out any styling/belongings for you we can offer our staff to do this for a fee (starting from $150). This fee will be deducted from your security deposit if your florist/stylist does not return;

Flowers & Styling

  • All installations require prior approval so we may discuss rigging points and weight limits etc. with the supplier. Please note, that only florists or those with rigging insurance are permitted to install and remove installations;
  • Provided that suitable supports are supplied (e.g. chains) the approximate weight limit for installations from the structural beams in the barn is 50kg total across each beam. The weight limit from the feature lighting beam is 20kg total across the whole beam;
  • If we are required to remove the feature lighting beam from the barn a $150 min fee will apply;
  • The only tape allowed to stick floral/foliage to the walls is white cloth tape (Bunning’s only) this must be removed by midnight on the wedding evening;
  • All ladders/installation equipment are to be on protective blankets;
  • Any damage to the walls from using double-sided tape or hooks or any damage to the floors from not using protective blankets will incur a repair fee;
  • Place cards must be provided in order of the seating chart and separated by table numbers. Please note, that if place cards are supplied out of order and our team is required to rearrange them, fees may apply;
  • Draping and lighting installations must be installed and removed by professionals with rigging insurance;
  • Arbours are not permitted in the chapel as these cannot be anchored and can potentially damage the floor;
  • Bows tied to candles are only permitted if the candles are not lit;
  • Florists supplying their own arbour are required to install the arbour at the ceremony space and remove it within the bump-in/bump-out requirements.

Wedding Favours

  • No alcoholic favours are to be displayed on tables or consumed by guests onsite. Please contact your Wedding Coordinator to discuss further.


  • All candles must be in holders to prevent wax from dripping onto tables and furniture. ‘Non-drip’ candles are not an exception. Any candles not in holders will not be lit and any damage to tables/furniture from wax will incur a repair fee.


  • Real flower petals are allowed in all areas;
  • To protect the environment, fake flower petals, rice, glitter and/or crushed glass are not permitted within the buildings or on the grounds;
  • Approved Bio / Eco confetti is allowed on the grounds only (not within the buildings);
  • Bubbles are allowed on the grounds only (not within the buildings);
  • Please note the following Government restrictions – Sky lanterns are banned in Australia and are not allowed at any time. For more information click here.
  • Balloon releases of less than 20 balloons are acceptable. NSW legislation states it is illegal to release 20 or more balloons at once. For more information click here.